Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

My how time flies so quickly these days!
I'm normally busy, but it's been crazy busy around here.
Here is a sewing cabinet I filled for a client.

I think it came out cute and she's pleased with it,
that's the most important part.
If you'd like to see the progress on her house, click here.
The album now has 37 pages in it, enjoy! :)

I have not been up on my blog reading and I apologise to all.
Maybe, I can get a chance to catch up on my reading while I am on vacation.

I got to go out to lunch today and I met up with a gal from my town that is also a miniaturist and has an etsy shop as well. I was so tickled to me her. I don't know any miniaturists in my area, most of the people I know into minis are on line. Her name is Agnes and here is her etsy shop.

Too cute, she messaged me what she was wearing so I could find her, black carpris, pink shirt.
LOL! What was I wearing? black pants, pink shirt.
That right there is a sign. ;)

She belongs to several local clubs and said she would take me to them. That sounds like fun. :)

Well, that's all for now... I'm off to Singapore on Monday. :)
My shop is still open, but delivery of merchandise will wait until I return.

In the mean time, email me at
and put mailing list in the subject line.
I'm going to have a private sale over the summer, but you have to sign up for the mailing list to know about it. :)


  1. Wow! It looks great. I especially like the spools of threads and ribbons. Bon Voyage! C

  2. Beautiful cabinet! Have a good time in Singapore:)

  3. The filled cabinet is wonderful.

  4. OMG Dale such a lot of work has gone into that cabinet. Not surprised that your customer was pleased.

    Debie xxx

  5. Te ha quedado precioso, lleno de maravillosos detallitos.
    Buen viaje a mi Pais!!!!!
    Gracias por los enlaces!!
    besitos ascension

  6. PS have a great time in Singapore....

  7. I love this style of cabinet. May I ask from where you puchased it. I have never seen one like it and think it would suit my witch emporium project.

    I am sure your client was delighted, it's wonderful.

  8. oh my goodness- the sewing cabinet is wonderful! I love the colorfulness it has too- you feel happy looking at it! Hope you enjoy your trip Dale!!!

  9. Thank you everyone. :) Y'all brought a big ol' smile to my face.

    Janice, it was my customer's. I don't know where she got it and unfortunately, her computer is down at the moment. I'll try to remember to ask her about it though. :)

  10. You did a wonderful job filling the cabinet, no wonder the owner was pleased! And best wishes for the trip to Singapore you lucky girl! Give many hugs to Sans from me!

  11. It is obvious that you were crazy bz, girl! That cupboard rocks ! But with your little things, it mega-rocks!!

    Helene, hugs and kisses back! :) Next time, you come but in the meantime, Dale and I will be having a rocking good time!! WOOOOOOT!

  12. Hi! congratulations for your blog! It's very beautiful!
    Come to visit my blog (

  13. Dale the cabinet looks wonderful. I bet your client was thrilled to bits. xx

  14. Hi Dale,

    your cabinet is beautiful, i'm sure your client will totally like it. :)
    i'm going to Singapore too on wednesday, and i heard that the weather isn't really friendly there.. but i hope it will be just fine when we get there, and don't forget its singapore great sale! ;)
    i hope you enjoy your holiday in singapore!


  15. Thanks, Debbie and Christina.

    I guess it depends on where you are coming from as to how you view the weather. I think the weather is lovely and warm here, but, it's hot where I live this time of year, too. It rained a lot yesterday and even walking in the rain was quite nice. I'm not one to let the weather interfere with my fun. :)


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