Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise Giveaway! Blog Anniversary! Over Two Hundred Followers! Hooray!!!

Wow! So much going on, so I thought I would celebrate with you all. :)

May 8th of last year was my very first blog post and my very first dipping of the toe into blogland.
I have learned so much in this past year. I knew nothing about blogging and I'm still learning.

I never realised the people I would encounter, the friendships I would begin forming and the vast amount of things I have learned in the mini world. So much is out there that I never even dreamed of. I enjoy reading all of the blogs that take you along mini adventures in the miniature world.

So, nearing the first anniversary of my blog and seeing that I now have over two hundred followers, I thought I would do a special give away. This one is to be a surprise, something specifically created for the winner.
I will draw this on Mother's day which will be May 9th, so you have plenty of time to sign up. Just comment on this post between now and then to have a chance to win. :)

Now, to Welcome my latest new followers, they are;

Thank you all, for following my blog. :)

So, I learned the other day though Casey, of Casey's Miniatures that tuquoise is the new color. You can read about it here. Funny, that I was working on the project above, it's the *in* color! If you've never been to Casey's blog, do check it out. She is very funny and is most generous with tutorials and helpful advice.

We must be on similar wave lengths, since when she had posted a tutorial on hat making, I had just made a hat for a swap. And, now the turquoise link. ;)

The Ikea inspired table was made by Yuki of Amatheria.  The acrylic turning was made by Bertie of Bertie's Miniatures.The screen, pillows and rug/floor cloth will be heading into my etsy shop soon.

Currently, I'm working on Christmas items. I know, I know! What am I thinking? lol, but, I saw something that caught my eye and it just had to be brought to fruition. :)

As always, all the pink words are clickable so clickaway and don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be entered in the giveaway. Gotta run, I hear life calling me. ;)

***This post has been edited. I inadvertantly credited the wrong artist of the turning. It has now been updated to reflect the correct artist. My deepest apologies for my very embarrassing error! :(  ***


  1. Thank you Dale, it's nice of you !! I love giveawys even though I do not win :o)) your new turquoise set is really lovely, I likke the positive/negative print. Thans again Rosanna

  2. I am your quite new follower but I love your cat pillows and this turquise set. Can I participate in give-away too, please? :)

  3. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and your 200 well-deserved followers, and thank you so much for your giveaway!

    I would definitely like to enter :)

    And I love, love, love the turquoise screen and cushions!

  4. Que ilusion!!! a ver si esta vez tengo suerte jejejeje
    Enhorabuena por ese aniversario y por todos tus seguidores.
    Lo anunciamos en nuestros blogs?
    besitos ascension

  5. Congratulations for your 200 followers and the first aniversary of your blog!And thank you for be so generous with your followers... hugs and best whishes... Paky
    I announce this giveaway in the right sidebar of my blog! ;)

  6. Congratulations for your more than 200 followers and your first anniversary blog! I appreciate your generosity to your followers want to reward us with one of your works ...
    I will announce your giveaway in the right sidebar of my blog... hugs and best whishes

  7. Congrats on the followers and Happy Blog Anniversary Dale! I love the new turquoise items! I love that turquoise is the "in" color this year because it's my favorite color for clothes and that means there will hopefully be a lot of choices this year :) I'm so curious to know what you are working on for Christmas!!

  8. Well I have been a turquoise fan like forever! Congrats with 200 which has turned into 204.

    Great giveaway Dale!

  9. Congratulations :-)

    Blogging is fun...I have met so many wonderful people in here.

    I love the screen...would look fab in my life sized Indian room :-)

    Not sure how I feel about the turquoise... I personally love the color and have a lot of things in my house in that color but when I heard it was color of the year a while back it kind of put me off.

    Hope everyone doesn't go mad on it now...I hate to be trendy lol. But then again by the time my new house is sorted and all the nice things are unpacked we'll be onto next years color :-)

  10. Congrats on your milestone! I am still trying desperately to keep up with my blog with everything going on! Got to host a giveaway myself soon! And I'm so happy to be among the friends you've gained!


  11. Wow!!! The turquise color is so fresh and original for minis,I like your work.Congrats for the followwers and thanks for a funny giveaway,miniregards,Sonia.

  12. Hi, Dale!
    Love to follow your blog, love to join the giveaway, and congratulations with turning 100
    ;-) I enjoy blogland very much too, being a new blogger, I am also learning about this world, but then again, who isn´t, this world is created by its partitioners..
    Love, Susanne

  13. Congratulation for 200 followers and thanks for the give away.
    I like turquoise too much!

  14. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and 200 followers. The purple background is beautiful. I always enjoy your performances, clever and funny.
    I do like to take part in the give-away.
    greetings Ingrid

  15. Hooray...what a fantastic milestone...a year and 200 followers. Isn't it wild! I for one am thrilled for blogging...I have 'met' so many wonderful people! =D

  16. Hey!!! I thought you made the screen for MOI! :):):) I went to your etsy and its SOLD!!! Make more darling, it will be a hit! The fabric is gorgeous. Will be perfect for me if the turquoise is on a coloured background. Must go whole hog colours. You have this print in other colours?

    I want in on the giveaway of course and I don't care that my chance is lose to zero since the probability of me winning your giveaway twice is .00000001%. :) Whoever wins it, is one LUCKY gal! Your work rocks!

    Blogging has been absolutely fabulous because of peeps like you :).

  17. Thank you all for such a wonderful response! And thank you for the compliments on the set. :)

    I no sooner posted this and someone asked to buy all of the pieces in the set. :)

  18. Oh, Rosanna, I found the smaller gingham and picked up a bit for you. I'll be sending it along shortly. :)

  19. Ascension, gracias, espero que la suerte esta vez! Es una buena oferta, pero no tiene que hacerlo. :)

  20. Thanks, Paky, that is very gracious of you, but you don't have to do that. :)

  21. Kim, thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

    Good I have you in suspense! lol, judging from your taste and things you like, I think you will like it! lol (just a bit more teasing)

  22. Tallulah Belle, thank you. :)

    I will keep indian inspired motifs in mind.

    Trendy is good when you are in front of the trend. ;)

  23. Thanks, Peach, the feeling is mutual. I for one am waiting for your give away (puts hands on hips and taps foot) LOL!

  24. Deb, yup, it is wild and also most enjoyable. :)

  25. (((Sans!))) you leave me speechless, thank you!

    I'll see what I can do. :)

  26. Congratulations on 200 followers and your blog anniversary, Dale.

    BTW, I love the turquoise items!

  27. Gorgeous print! I love the divider, pillows and rug. Just beautiful.

  28. Hahaha, did I typed "lose to zero"? I meant "next to zero of course but you can see where my mind went, already thinking "I am going to lose this one" lol :)((((((Dale))))) back :). Post again with the new screens and fabric. Make loads. They are your hotcakes this season :).

  29. Thanks for the welcome, Dale! It's lovely to be here. *grin* And I'm in love with that turquoise set. Beautiful!


  30. Enhorabuena por esos mas de 200 seguidores y por sus dos años en la blogosfera¡¡¡¡¡

    El presente es precioso, el color turquesa es uno de los que alegran la vista.

    Gracias por hacerlos participes¡¡¡

    Saludos, Carmen.

  31. Congratulations on your 205 followers! Please count me in for your giveaway ;-)
    I would love to win this beautiful set.

  32. Hi Dale! i just discovered you and I am very pleased... I would love to be considered!

  33. congratulations Dale! Hope I'm included in that list of friends; you've done so much to help me.
    As for the vase, I thought I recognized it. I own several of his bowls.
    hugs Karin

  34. I love all your itty bitties, and your writing :) yay for so many blog followers!!!


  35. Hello Dale. I'm your follower 207. I just discovered your blog but I hope to be able to participate equally in the give away. Congratulations for the anniversary and 200 and passes followers. I started only a month and I understand everything you say about the nice people met and many learned things.
    A hug

  36. Felicidades!!!!. 100 seguidores en un año. Es fantástico. Me encantaría participar en el sorteo de ese regalo tan precioso. Me encanta el color turquesa. Gracias por su generosidd. Saludos

  37. I've just found your blog through Jody's blog and what a wonderful stuff you have made!

    And I love the turqoise but in IRL I'm so color-shy that I can't use it at home. But been thinking of doing a coral-turqoise room box at some point. And the vase is fabulous.

    Although I'm a new follower, I would love to enter to your give away, if it's ok with you :)


  38. Congratulations with your 200 followers. Even thourgh I am not good at leaving comments I love following your blog and find lots of inspiration from your blog

  39. Great blog, loads of items, how quick the time passes when we are having fun

  40. Congratulations on over 200 followers! That is impressive! Love the turquoise screen and pillows, will watch your shop for the new items :) Thank you for telling me about turquoise being the newest hot color too! ♥

  41. Hello Dale, congratulations for your more than 200 followers, will soon be many more ...
    I want to join your give away. the color is too good!

  42. wowwee!!! gratz! highly doubt i'd win again but worth a try for that gorgeous set ;P it is after all in my birthstone colour! yes, greedy i am.........XD XD

  43. Hello, ¡congratulations!
    my blog is: wwwtocadospittussia.blogspot.com
    La Coruña (España)
    My english is very bad ¡sorry!
    A kiss for you and thantks you so much.

  44. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Dale!!
    I would love to participate on your give a way!

  45. Congrats on 200 followers! WOW! May 8th is my daughters birth day! Maybe she will bring me luck on your drawing!

  46. Muchas felicidades Dale,por los 200 seguidores.Su blog es magnífico,pleno de creatividad y buen gusto.
    Espero poder articipar en el sorteo de tan bello trabajo.
    Aprovecho este momento para invitarle a visitar mi blog.
    Muchas gracias.Un saludo cariñoso.Juliana


  47. I would love to enter. I love your items. Thank you CM.

  48. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, it's so exciting! Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway. :)

  49. Thanks for visiting and following my blog :) It's my pleasure to do the same here.

    I'd love to take part in the giveaway! Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, so nice to know I'll be 'in fashion' for once ;)

  50. Congratuations on your anniversary and your 200 followers. I am pretty new to blogging and am well below 200! LOL. Teresa

  51. Congratulations:))))
    Lovely giveway set - mayb, maybe I will have lucky:))))

  52. Love the turquoise!

    And congrats on the one year anniversary and the 200+ followers!


  53. Thanks everyone! This giveaway is going to be the most fun! :)

  54. Acabo de conocer tu blog, y me he quedado impresioanda de los trabajos tan lindos que muestras. Las camas son una maravilla al igual que los bancos. Me he hecho seguidora para poder seguir tus trabajos. Un beso y que sigas sumando seguidores.

  55. Estefania,
    Gracias, querido! que es muy dulce de tu parte.

  56. Enhorabuena por tus 200 seguidores y a sumar muchos más. Los trabajos son preciosos y el color turquesa es muy bonito. Besitos.

  57. Congratulations for your 200 followers and the first aniversary of your blog.
    Me hace mucha ilusión participar en tu sorteo, gracias por la oportunidad.

  58. felicidades por tantos seguidores,tienes unos trabajos preciosos,

  59. ¡Enhorabuena por esos seguidores! y tambien por la celebracion del aniversario, el color turquesa es genial ,me encantaria participar en el sorteo ,muchas gracias y saludos

  60. Congratulations! Your give-a-way items would be perfect in my dollhouse! My FAVORITE color!
    I am close to reaching 200 followers and my first blogging anniversary too. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this past year and look forward to more!

  61. Congratulations on 200 followers.Lovely giveaway, beautiful color. I hope i´m lucky.

  62. Congratulations on your over two hundred followers!!

    one kiss

  63. I don't know how I missed this post. Congratulations on making over 200 followers. It is funny because I am doing the same thing for also reaching over 200 followers. And I also am having my draw for a giveaway on Mothers Day. Great minds think alike. I read about this on face book and was surprised that I had missed it first time around.


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