Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is beyond Crazy? lol ;)

I normally operate at a certain level of craziness...

But, I think I am out doing myself now. ;)

 Getting ready for the Denver Museum

This after one of the busiest summers I have ever experienced!

Oldest is now en route home from Miami after a short vaca with the bf after her NASA internship.
 She met the head of NASA, an astronaut and delivered presentations to the higher ups at NASA. Hubby attended the final presentation and said that it went very well, he was quite pleased with how professional she was. :)

For someone that does not have a car, she travels pretty well, I'll be picking her up at the bus station tonight and taking her back to Penn State University tomorrow and then myself returning home on Saturday and then all of the chillins will be at their destinations for a while!

Middle already returned to college around the beginning of this month and it anxiously awaiting school to begin. My son who graduated from HS this year is already attending his technical school where he is learning to be a diesel technician. It is so nice to see him come home from school happy and with a smile on his face! What a difference from the past 12 or so years of schooling experience!

So, in the mean time, four of the rooms in my house are turned upside down while we play our own version of musical rooms. To be completed after I return from Denver! and then some! ;)

I've been keeping late evenings and surprisingly enough some early mornings as well as I get ready for the show. By the time I head down stairs at night from working until 9 or 10pm, I am pretty much a zombie sitting in front of the tv and netbook, liking away on facebook. 

Haven't really been having much in the way of real conversations, because the brain is no longer functioning! :)

 So I am going to be packaging up my minis for sale at the show and let me tell you, the excitement is at an all time high. Hubby will be going along with me and we have three stops along the way in our cross country journey. The first and last stop will be with good friends from school days and the middle stop in Chicago with be will Tracy and Iva that I have gotten to know well over fb in the past year or more. Also looking forward to visiting one of the Chicago museums to see a dollhouse exhibit, we have two choices, but will probably only get to one or the other.


These shell mirrors are some of the items I have been making for the show.
Some might be finding their way into my etsy shop shortly.

So, today packing up minis and will start making my own displays for the table.
Look I drew you a picture. :)

 Wish me luck, I'm making two turntables and three nestled risers for display.

I have been fortunate and honored to be mentioned on Otterine's blog and on this blog Cotton Ridge the gal that runs the latter blog also has a website of inexpensive minis here.
Many thanks to both of you ladies, it is greatly appreciated! :)

 Oh, and I've also been making these French Memo or Message boards.

Okay, that's all I got for now, lots more pics on facebook

I gotta get back to work, the clock is ticking loudly! ;)
ciao for now :)


  1. You sound very busy... ;O) Don't forget to have a little fun every now and then - and good luck for the show!


    1. Thanks, Birgit! The show was fun, news about it is coming soon. :)

  2. Good luck! Enjoy the show and your journey!
    The mirrors are great.

    1. Thanks so much, Genevieve! The journey and show were great, show news is coming. :)

  3. What a busy household you have!! Your kids sound like they are really finding themselves in the world. Love your shell mirrors, such soft colours, your memory boards are wonderful too. I hope you have a great show.

    1. Thank you so much, Jean! The busy-ness never seems to end around here. Thank you for your lovely compliments, show news is coming soon. :)

  4. Good luck and have a great time at the show =0)

    1. Thanks, Pepper! Show news is coming soon! :)

  5. Such a pleasure to be reading about the "chillin" :) . Is this your 2st show Dale? WOW! Break a leg, plenty of luck and bring a cash register !:) You have many pretty items that will be in high demand!

    1. Thank you so much, Sans! :) This was about my first show, I guess I talked about it so much that it just sounded like it was two! I was very excited, as you can well imagine. ;) Show news will be forth coming. :)


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