Monday, August 29, 2011

My kids! :)

In June, my middle daughter graduated, we had father's day and my husband's birthday all rolled into one backyard BBQ!

I wanted to do something special for my husband this year, so I took my kids to get their pictures taken.

 Just getting all the kids together at one time and keeping it a secret from my husband was quite a feat! I left them at the photographer (while I ran off to get my hair done- scheduling don't you know!) with specific instructions for them to behave! lol They were allowed one silly shot, but the rest had to be good pictures!

I apologise for them being slightly distorted. I don't know how to scan, so I took pictures of the pictures. Actually, that's wrong. I do know how to scan... I just don't know where it goes after it's scanned. ;)

Imagine my surprise and joy to find these lovely shots of my kids. :)

I just wanted one good picture to hang in my living room. They were all so good I almost cried! I couldn't decide which to get, so I got some of them all. :)

The top pic I will have enlarged for the wall. So hard to pick just one!

Have you ever seen the website AwkwardFamilyPhotos? If you haven't you should definitely take a peek at it. It's very funny and puts all of us in stitches!  There is a photo like this one, but is like a family of six laying on top of one another. So, when the photographer put my kids in this pose, they could not stop laughing. I can tell from the pic that my oldest in the middle there was in hysterics! :)

So, despite my oldest coming home with green hair (it was brown the last time I saw her), I think the pictures came out pretty good. And all the long hair covered up the majority of piercings, nice! :)

a pic of hubby and I from mumble, mumble, years ago. ;)

The last time I had their picture taken (besides the yearly school shots) was when they were two, three and four. I think they were those ages! lol ;) This one was done by a professional photographer. And cost almost as much as my wedding photography, but well worth it I think. I love this shot of my babies.

This time, we went to JCPenney's Portrait Studio. I don't think I have been there since I used to get baby pics of them. What a great value and my middle ended up with a job when they found out she was going to art school. It pays to brag about your kids! :)

I think my boy would make a great model. :)


  1. They are all gorgeous!!!! Those are really great pictures too.

    I knew I was old when... I couldn't listen to kids music anymore and when they all seemed to want tattoos and lots of peircings. I just don't get it??? LOL

  2. what a beautiful family you have Dale- you are right- all of the pictures are wonderful :)

  3. Woww! what a beautiful family! what a nice guy your son, but also your husband! seem an Italian beauty! :))
    your daughters are very pretty, too, and I congratulate the photographer for the beautiful photographs, but especially for you, who have created these beautiful three children!
    looks like a picture from "Beautiful", a soap that runs on TV in Italy for 20 years now .. :))
    I am happy to know you and your family!
    many kisses to all!
    xxx Caterina

  4. You've got beautiful children. The photos are great, I love the one in black and white and the third one.
    I remember being taken to a photographer for my 18th birthday, I wasn't full of confidence in front of him, now it would be different. I admire the way your children look so confindent and full of joy.
    You had an excellent idea.

  5. Dale, Stunning photos! I loved reading about their day at the photo studio! Your children are gorgeous and I had the same thought about your son! He is so handsome! No wonder.......look at the parents!! Too cute!

  6. What a beautiful family, Dale! Your children could not deny who their parents are - the girls look so much like you and your son like his father.

    I hope you are doing well - I miss chatting with you.

  7. Not only your son would make a good model, your daughters are beautiful, too. Fantastic pictures - no doubt you had a hard time to choose. Take them all and make a collage... ;O)


  8. Beautiful pictures of beautiful children (or should I say young adults as they are not children any longer) You have a wonderful family.

  9. Muy buenas fotos! Tus hijos son muy guapos.
    Un abrazo

  10. All your children are gorgeous! And I didn't notice the green hair until you mentioned it... :-)

    It is scary how time gets away and you suddenly realize they're grown!

  11. oooh beautiful kids and the pictures are indeed great! They all look so happy :)

  12. Beautiful Children Dale! And the best of that is that they are Happy children.... Happy Young Adults! They are Beautiful! I'm glad you left them to take the pictures on their own... they Shine with the love they have for you! Thank you for sharing!

  13. You are absolutely right about your boy but OMG, Dale, you never told me your kids are so gorgeous!

    Fab pictures all round including that of you and Dave, I mean Dan ..teehee :)

  14. Dale, your children are so beautiful!!! You have a very nice family! I think your son would be a great model too!! Congratulations Dale for your beautiful family!! a big hug

  15. Beautiful! I love all the poses. The young pictures are especially sweet.
    Yes I LOVE the akward family pic site especially all the people who look like their pets...

    How are you doing in New Jersey hope you are hih and dry, CM

  16. I'm such a doo doo bird! I just realised I put the same photo up twice! I guess you can tell I really like that one. :) There were more shots but, I didn't want to bore you all. lol

    Catherine, thank you for your kind words. :)

    I can still listen to their music, most of it. We have very diverse tastes in this house when it comes to music.

    I'm not keen on the piercings or tattoos, but, what cha gonna do? ;)

    As long as they don't get the huge gauges or dermals, I can ignore...

    Thank you, Kim, dear! :)

    Caterina, you are so sweet, thank you so much! :) Yes, hubby is Italian and also Polish. That makes our kids mut- I mean "All American!" I did thank the photographer for doing her job so well and she said, thanks for noticing! :)

    Thank you, Geneviève. I don't know why you wouldn't be confident, you are a beautiful woman, go get your picture taken again! :)

    Thank you, Patty! :) I thought about sending off a pic of him to the Wilhelmina Modeling agency to see if they'd be interested. :)

    Thanks, De! I miss chatting with you as well. I keep hoping things will calm down around here. When is that going to happen? lol ;) You are the first to say that Renz looks like his father. After looking at the pics again, I have to agree. Most people say he looks like me, but, I can never see that. They are all different combinations of both of us. I like to tease hubby and tell him the oldest looks more like his brother than him. *snickers*

    Thank you, Birgit. I appreciate your compliments. :)

    Thank you, Doreen! Yes, indeed, young adults. We are on the birthday cusp here, soon the oldest will be 20. Not only are their names in alphabetical order, their birthdays are in birth order and no, I didn't plan that. ;)

    Rosamargarita, ¡Muchas gracias!

    Thank you, Tabitha! :) I don't think it's as noticeable with the black background, thank goodness!

    Yes, time passes by way too quickly! I'm so glad I painted their rooms when we first moved here, otherwise, it would have never gotten done.

    Thank you, Stephanie! For the most part, I have to say, they are pretty happy kids and enjoy one another. That's what I wanted. :)

    Daydreamer, thank you, your words are so sweet to me. :)

    Thank you, Sans! I guess I couldn't figure out a subtle way to "by the way, my kids are gorgeous" into the conversation. lol Dave! ;)

    Thank you, Stina! :)

    Paky, thank you, you are very kind! :)

    Thanks, CM! :) Yes, the awkward family photos are too funny!

    We managed very well through this last storm. Fingers crossed for the future. :)

  17. beautiful kids, Dale! they're as gorgeous as you promised, as we chatted at the back of the building ;)

  18. What a great looking family! I have to say I love that black and white photo. I love the posing and how modern it looks.

  19. Thanks, Cindy! I'm trying to remember when/where that was! :)

    Thanks, Caroline! I wished I had done this years ago. :)

  20. You have very beautiful kids! Such pride and joy - what can be better! Congratulations!

  21. You have very beautiful kids! Such pride and joy - what can be better! Congratulations!

  22. Tienes una familia encantadora, tud hijos son muy guapos,alegres, vitales, me encanta que hayas compartido con nosotros.
    Gracias, un beso

  23. Dales they are great looking kids! The photos were fabulous! You must be a very proud mom!

    Pei Li

  24. I like the pictures very much, they all look like photo models, also you and your hubby looks like models.

  25. ¡Hola Dale!!!
    Mil felicidades!!! Tus 3 hijos ¡Muy guapos!! Y transmiten una vitalidad y un carisma ¡precioso!!!
    Un abrazo

  26. Thank you, Natalie, there is nothing better! :)

  27. Gracias,
    Susi, que son muy dulces para decirlo. :)

  28. Thank you, Pei Li, yes, I am a very proud mom. :)

  29. Hola Flo, oh, Dios mío! Usted es demasiado amable, muchas gracias! :)

  30. Wow, those are gorgeous kids! I really like the one where they are stacked! You can tell they are having a blast! Nice family.


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