Sunday, July 24, 2011

Featured Artisan: Richard of Minibydesign

So, if you've been following along, last month, my husband and I went to a wedding down south and along the way we met up with three of my fellow miniaturists/teammates from TeamMIDS on etsy.

I wanted to share with you all some of the pictures I took of Richard of Minibydesign's  projects.

This is his art deco bar. I helped out with the bar stool cushions and helped him find the animal print rug.

Didn't he just do a fabulous job with it? 
You can find more on the art deco bar on his blog post here.

From his modern house, which is huge and he wired the entire thing.

I love these stairs! 

See the spots to turn on the lights at the bottom there? Normally, that's covered over with a bit of gardening.

Peeking in!

After he painted these modern bath fixtures black, then, they began sellling them in black.

Of course, I'm thinking his modern sectional should be graced with a few of my pillows. ;)

Kinda gives you a better idea of how big it is. I'm thinking it's just a bit bigger than a card table. This was the first house that Richard built. 
Pretty good job!
I'm impressed. :)

Now on to his latest project, another house. This time, it's a colonial revival that will include some modern updates in the interior.

Think he'll be going for the stainless appliances in the kitchen? lol ;)

To see more of this project being updated along the way, see his blog.

I made him a runner to go up the stairs in the last picture.

It was so nice getting to finally meet Richard and his wife Gail in person.

And, their dogs, too!

They have too senior dogs, one is a retired grayhound named Wade and I fell in love with him at first sight. He's the strong silent type. lol! I should have gotten a pic of Wade so I could pine over him. ;)

Until next time, my friends! :)



  1. I'm glad your visit to Richard's home is a great miniaturist and his dollhouse is great! especially to meet you in person, it's fun and you can share many experiences. kisses

  2. What an amazing couple of projects! I'm sure the next one will be just as fabulous. I love the stools!!

  3. Impressive - that bar looks like a photo of a real one. And that house is wonderful - the only thing I must admit is that you can tell it was made by a man. Why? Well, only a minimum of decoration and dustcatchers (LOL). No, just kidding, it's fabulous, thanks for showing!


  4. wow!! I love his modern house- and I can't believe it's his first house! Wonderful work- I'm glad you brought your camera along so we could share in peeking in too Dale :)

  5. Hey you :):). It's almost 1 am here. Went swimming with Cindy about 6 hours ago ! :)

    Your friend Richard is a lighting whiz! Wonderful job with the house! Have you started on yours?

  6. Paky, it was a wonderful experience! He and I yammered on so much, our spouses were left to entertain each other. :)

    Caroline, I can't wait to see what he does with the Colonial Revival, that's my kinda house! :)

    Birgit, I do believe the inspiration was a real bar. :) I'm with you, I'd have lots more accessories in there!

    Kim, I know, how impressive! I'm delighted to share. :)

    Sans! So glad the two of you go to go swimming together, I bet that was nice. :)

    I left Richard with one of my houses to wire. I just have to tell him what I would like where. So far, my projects have been at the bottom of my list to do, but, I might be able to get my thoughts together over vacation to give him a proper plan and better yet, to start shopping for fixtures. :)

    Thank you all so much for stopping by my blog, I so enjoy reading your comments. :)

  7. Pero que casa más bonita!! Que maravilla que la conociste ( =
    Un abrazo


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